Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top 3 Letter Learning Activities...

When my son attended Pre-K this past year I was shocked to find out that where we live kiddos are pretty much expected to enter Kindergarten able to identify all of the upper and lowercase letters! Times sure have changed since I taught Kindergarten ten years ago!! After getting over the initial panic...I decided to create some FUN ways for my kiddos to learn how to identity and write all 26 letters! If they were gonna learn it by golly they were gonna have fun doing it! I started with these alphabet bands! Each day we would create a different one they would wear. They would write, trace and color each letter. Then, all day long I would ask them what letter they were wearing! They loved it and these really helped my son master his letter names!
We also spent a lot of time writing each letter in shaving cream. It cleaned the table and made the house smell good!
We also "learned through play" by using these Sticky Letter printables.  My son loved using the spinners and enjoyed it so much more than the typical letter tracing worksheets!
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  1. The photo is adorable! Thank you for the top 3 tips, I will use them. Last year when only my elder daughter needed my help in essay writing , I taught that it was the most difficult task, but at least she was taught to read and write at school and now I have to start everything from the very beginning. I don`t think that I will have enough passion to clean shaving foam after the activity, so I would better use a sand in the colorful plate and we will write with a finger