Friday, February 27, 2015

Refresh and Relax GIVEAWAY {February 27th-March 1st}

Do you need to REFRESH your space and lessons so you can RELAX over Spring Break? This  GIVEAWAY will allow you to do just that!
Here is what you can win...
TWO pillow covers from Look Here Jane. I discovered her store a few weeks ago and bought some of her beautiful pillow covers. I am now IN LOVE with her products! They are such amazing quality and she offers great customer service. They are also perfect for classrooms and small children because they are washable. She has donated two pillow covers to this great is that? The winner will get two pillow covers AND will get to choose the pattern! Check out her store by clicking on the image above and start planning what you would choose! Don't they look fabulous in my reading room!!
You will also win a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate and these amazing products from my VERY favorite sellers!
 I am giving away one copy of My Spring Break Adventure.  In this packet students will plan a vacation to their chosen destination.

One of my FAVORITE TPT shops is The Learning CenterHer products are always so effective, differentiated and creative! She is an amazing  mama, Special Education teacher and one of the most giving people you will ever meet! If you haven't checked out her store yet, you need to!
She is giving away her Snow Day Skip Counting. I am thinking about sunny days on my Spring Break, but right now she is getting a TON of snow! If your kiddos haven't mastered skip counting they will after using this packet!
Another one my  FAVORITE shops is...Second Grade Smartypants. Two very talented teachers run this store. You will find such clever products in their shop that you can't find anywhere else! They are both such amazing mamas and have the ability to produce products that are effective for school and home! This keeps the teachers AND the parents happy! You are gonna love their giveaway product!
The winner will get a copy of their Spring Craftivity and Writing Activity Bundle. This is a bundle of their 3 Spring Craftivity and Writing activities.
I also LOVE anything by Bonnie Kathryn-Kinders and Beyond. Every time she posts a new product I am blown away by her creativity and ability to know how to engage all students! I am most impressed with all of her interactive packets and she has a TON!
She is giving away one copy of her Vowel Pairs Bundle. This is an amazing set of interactive word work books! You can check out one of her WORD WORK videos here!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Guided Reading Word Work Made Easy...

One of my struggles as a Title One Reading teacher was preparing word work for my guided reading lessons. I knew that I should be using manipulatives like letter magnets etc. but I never had it ready in advance and it always took more time getting it all ready then the actual lesson did. This is why I created this bundle "Guided Reading Word Work Made Easy". It includes every part of effective word work and requires very little prep! What more could you want?:) Here is the plan....

Step 1: Get your supplies ready! Choose a word work page that covers a sight word that is used frequently in the text you are using in your guided reading lesson. For example, this book has the word "you" on every page. Students will need glue, scissors, a copy of the book and a pencil.                     
Step 2: Cut out the letters in the side column.

Step 3: Students will use the cut out letters to make the word. Then they will read it, mix it up and make it again. They will do this three times.
Step 4: Students will glue the letters in the boxes to make the word and read it.
Step 5: Students will write the word in the boxes and read it.
Step 6:Take a word hunt in the book to see how many times they can find the word on their word work page. They will write tally marks or numbers to show how many times they found the word work sight word in the text. This allows them to apply their new word knowledge to the text.