Friday, March 20, 2015

Word Family Wheels

We have been working on word families in our house lately so I decided to update my Word Family Wheels packets. This is how they are being used in our house!
 My daughter will be starting Pre-K in the Fall. We have been working on blending and segmenting CVC words. We working on one word family per week and these word wheels have been very motivating for her!
My son is in Kindergarten. He has been reading the words from the  CVC Word Family Wheels and then writing the words. We hope to start the CVCC Wheels soon!
This is a sample Word Family Wheel page.  They are so easy to put together. You just cut out the circle and the square. Attach the circle on top of the square with a brad, turn and read! Each page lists the words covered so you know exactly what your kiddo will be reading!
You can check these out in my TPT store!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter Printables and MORE...

I am so very excited about the EASTER season this year! I have my lessons planned, organized and ready to go! This packet is full of all the lessons you will need for the Easter season.
Each lesson comes with a detailed plan. This includes a scripted story, discussion questions and extension activities!

Kiddos will color and read a book about Palm Sunday. They will make Palm Sunday puppets to retell the story! Then, they will play a game about the story or color a picture!
Check out the entire packet here!