Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sight Word Pack: Motivating Early Readers to SOAR

I just created a Sight Word pack that is motivating my two little readers to work on sight words several times a day!
Here is the plan:

STEP 1: Beginning Assessment
Have your students read from the Dolch word lists using the tracker. Stop assessing when they miss 5 in a row. This will help you know the word list they need to start working on. These sheets cover the entire 133 words for ongoing assessments.

STEP 2: Word Lists
Choose one of the provided Word Lists to send home. Each list contains 17-21 words.

Homework Sight Word Lists:
These motivate students to work on their word lists at home. Students will color a star each time they work on the sight words. Then, they will cut on the dotted line, parents sign and return it to school when completed.

STEP 3: Ongoing Assessment
Assessment Sheets & Tracking Cards
These sheets allow you to assess each list individually in order to collect ample data to share with parents. A student reading list and a recording sheet are provided.  Each recording sheet provides tips for home.

STEP 4: Flashcards
A set of flashcards are provided for each word list.

STEP 5: Motivators
Sight Word Reader Badges:
Students will earn a badge each time they master a list. They can collect their badges and attach them to their “OUT OF THIS WORLD READER” page.
Award Certificates:
Send these home once a child has mastered a list. It will keep them motivated!

I put this pack into a notebook so everything is ready to go! One of the best things about this pack is the ability to easily differentiate. When it is organized like this, it makes it easy to pull out the word lists and assessments needed for each student!

You can grab this pack HERE!