Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sight Word Pack: Motivating Early Readers to SOAR

I just created a Sight Word pack that is motivating my two little readers to work on sight words several times a day!
Here is the plan:

STEP 1: Beginning Assessment
Have your students read from the Dolch word lists using the tracker. Stop assessing when they miss 5 in a row. This will help you know the word list they need to start working on. These sheets cover the entire 133 words for ongoing assessments.

STEP 2: Word Lists
Choose one of the provided Word Lists to send home. Each list contains 17-21 words.

Homework Sight Word Lists:
These motivate students to work on their word lists at home. Students will color a star each time they work on the sight words. Then, they will cut on the dotted line, parents sign and return it to school when completed.

STEP 3: Ongoing Assessment
Assessment Sheets & Tracking Cards
These sheets allow you to assess each list individually in order to collect ample data to share with parents. A student reading list and a recording sheet are provided.  Each recording sheet provides tips for home.

STEP 4: Flashcards
A set of flashcards are provided for each word list.

STEP 5: Motivators
Sight Word Reader Badges:
Students will earn a badge each time they master a list. They can collect their badges and attach them to their “OUT OF THIS WORLD READER” page.
Award Certificates:
Send these home once a child has mastered a list. It will keep them motivated!

I put this pack into a notebook so everything is ready to go! One of the best things about this pack is the ability to easily differentiate. When it is organized like this, it makes it easy to pull out the word lists and assessments needed for each student!

You can grab this pack HERE!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sailing into Summer {Break Packet}

I needed something to keep my son engaged and learning this I created this great pirate themed learning packet! It is presented in a way that your kids will be eager to complete it and will review many of the skills that they learned in Kindergarten! Here is a sneak peak!!
 You will be able see exactly how I organized the TWO separate packets that are included. You will get SIXTEEN Activity Pages, TWO Journals, TWO Reading Logs ,Tracking Page, Parent Letter and a Buccaneer Bucket activity. The packet is so full it will keep your kids learning the entire summer!

Here are a few samples from the "Treasure Time" packet.
This is the Buccaneer Bucket activity. My kids were so excited to do this. They listed things they wanted to earn if they completed their chore chart or behavior chart! They are working hard to earn things from the Buccanner Bucket!
You can check out the entire packet here!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First and Last Day of School Posters (Editable)

     I created some super cute posters for the First Day of School this year! My kiddos LOVED them so much that they still have them taped to their bedroom doors. I took some of the best pictures with their posters on the First Day of School. This is why I to created an ENTIRE packet of posters to use for many years to come. This packet includes 10 FIRST and 10 LAST day of school posters. They are editable so you can make them your own!

You will start out with a template like the one below. Then, add text in the text boxes and print. I printed mine at my local UPS for only 98 cents! I have provided links so you can download the fonts I used OR choose your own.
Here are a few more samples of some finished products!
(Thanks to my sweet daughter for posing with every single one! She loved it!)
You can grab the entire packet from my TPT store here!
You can grab the entire packet from my EDUCENTS store here!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Educents Marketplace Launch

I am so excited to be a part of the Educents Marketplace Launch! To celebrate the launch, Educents is giving away $50 in Edubucks! You can enter here!
Here are a few great things in my Educents Store that may help you end the year with EASE! Make sure to grab one of my FREEBIES. Also, FOLLOW my store so you don't miss out on new products and sales!  You can check out my entire store here: The Reading Mama Educents Store
This packet will allow your kiddos to work on number writing and recognition while having fun! Check out this FREEBIE!
This packet is full of beach themed printables geared towards Kindergarten.
Do you have a class campout at the end of the year? If so, these camp themed printables will keep your kiddos engaged and learning!
You can check out more great Educents Stores here!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Word Family Wheels

We have been working on word families in our house lately so I decided to update my Word Family Wheels packets. This is how they are being used in our house!
 My daughter will be starting Pre-K in the Fall. We have been working on blending and segmenting CVC words. We working on one word family per week and these word wheels have been very motivating for her!
My son is in Kindergarten. He has been reading the words from the  CVC Word Family Wheels and then writing the words. We hope to start the CVCC Wheels soon!
This is a sample Word Family Wheel page.  They are so easy to put together. You just cut out the circle and the square. Attach the circle on top of the square with a brad, turn and read! Each page lists the words covered so you know exactly what your kiddo will be reading!
You can check these out in my TPT store!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter Printables and MORE...

I am so very excited about the EASTER season this year! I have my lessons planned, organized and ready to go! This packet is full of all the lessons you will need for the Easter season.
Each lesson comes with a detailed plan. This includes a scripted story, discussion questions and extension activities!

Kiddos will color and read a book about Palm Sunday. They will make Palm Sunday puppets to retell the story! Then, they will play a game about the story or color a picture!
Check out the entire packet here!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Refresh and Relax GIVEAWAY {February 27th-March 1st}

Do you need to REFRESH your space and lessons so you can RELAX over Spring Break? This  GIVEAWAY will allow you to do just that!
Here is what you can win...
TWO pillow covers from Look Here Jane. I discovered her store a few weeks ago and bought some of her beautiful pillow covers. I am now IN LOVE with her products! They are such amazing quality and she offers great customer service. They are also perfect for classrooms and small children because they are washable. She has donated two pillow covers to this great is that? The winner will get two pillow covers AND will get to choose the pattern! Check out her store by clicking on the image above and start planning what you would choose! Don't they look fabulous in my reading room!!
You will also win a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate and these amazing products from my VERY favorite sellers!
 I am giving away one copy of My Spring Break Adventure.  In this packet students will plan a vacation to their chosen destination.

One of my FAVORITE TPT shops is The Learning CenterHer products are always so effective, differentiated and creative! She is an amazing  mama, Special Education teacher and one of the most giving people you will ever meet! If you haven't checked out her store yet, you need to!
She is giving away her Snow Day Skip Counting. I am thinking about sunny days on my Spring Break, but right now she is getting a TON of snow! If your kiddos haven't mastered skip counting they will after using this packet!
Another one my  FAVORITE shops is...Second Grade Smartypants. Two very talented teachers run this store. You will find such clever products in their shop that you can't find anywhere else! They are both such amazing mamas and have the ability to produce products that are effective for school and home! This keeps the teachers AND the parents happy! You are gonna love their giveaway product!
The winner will get a copy of their Spring Craftivity and Writing Activity Bundle. This is a bundle of their 3 Spring Craftivity and Writing activities.
I also LOVE anything by Bonnie Kathryn-Kinders and Beyond. Every time she posts a new product I am blown away by her creativity and ability to know how to engage all students! I am most impressed with all of her interactive packets and she has a TON!
She is giving away one copy of her Vowel Pairs Bundle. This is an amazing set of interactive word work books! You can check out one of her WORD WORK videos here!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Guided Reading Word Work Made Easy...

One of my struggles as a Title One Reading teacher was preparing word work for my guided reading lessons. I knew that I should be using manipulatives like letter magnets etc. but I never had it ready in advance and it always took more time getting it all ready then the actual lesson did. This is why I created this bundle "Guided Reading Word Work Made Easy". It includes every part of effective word work and requires very little prep! What more could you want?:) Here is the plan....

Step 1: Get your supplies ready! Choose a word work page that covers a sight word that is used frequently in the text you are using in your guided reading lesson. For example, this book has the word "you" on every page. Students will need glue, scissors, a copy of the book and a pencil.                     
Step 2: Cut out the letters in the side column.

Step 3: Students will use the cut out letters to make the word. Then they will read it, mix it up and make it again. They will do this three times.
Step 4: Students will glue the letters in the boxes to make the word and read it.
Step 5: Students will write the word in the boxes and read it.
Step 6:Take a word hunt in the book to see how many times they can find the word on their word work page. They will write tally marks or numbers to show how many times they found the word work sight word in the text. This allows them to apply their new word knowledge to the text.