Friday, August 15, 2014

Color Word Fun...

Do you need something to spice up your first few weeks of school? This bundle is the perfect interactive, engaging and differentiated bundle for teaching eleven color words.
This is what is included...
 Eight differentiated activities. They are organized with the beginning reader activities first and the more advanced read activities second.

 Color Match Up:
•Students will use letter tiles to make or match up a color word and write it.

 Sweet Think -Tac -Toe:
• Students will play color word tic-tac-toe.

 Roll and Read:
•Students will play a game by rolling a dice and reading the word next to the correct number.

 Cool Color Words {Write the Room}:
•Students will find the Cool Color Word cards and copy the color word off of the cards.

Color Hunt:
•Students will go on a color hunt and then complete a book with their findings.

  My Color Words Book:
• Students will create a craftivity color book they can read.

 Color Time Flip Books:
•Students will create flip books that they color, trace and/or write and read.

 Spin and Color Partner Games:
•Students will play a color word game using three or all eleven color words.

 Color Word Clue Sheet:
•This clue sheet will be used with the Color Hunt activity if you use the paper bags and the My Color Words book activity.

 Color Words Assessment:
•Use these assessment tools as a pre and post assessment to the Color Word Fun Unit. 
Here is a sneak peak of what is included.... 
You can check out this product here!

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