Friday, June 20, 2014

Thinkin Ahead....Fluency Focus

During my last few years as a Reading Specialist I really focused on Fluency. I discovered that one of the main reasons my student's couldn't comprehend text was due to their lack of reading fluency. This is why I created this Five Minute Fluency packet using some basic, researched and effective fluency strategies. It is quite easy to use.

Step 1: Introduce and post each fluency activity.


Step 2: Teach, model and practice each fluency activity.

Step 3: Pair up students, assign a text and spin or draw an activity.

Step 4: Set the timer for five minutes or more and have students complete the fluency activity with an assigned text.

Step 5: Assess students reading fluency and allow them to complete a self assessment.

Step 6: Use the additional tools as needed. Fluent Reader prompt cards and Tracking cards are provided.

Click on the picture below for more information on my Five Minute Fluency packet!

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