Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday Linky Party...{March 28th}
I am giving away two of my Camp Learn-a-Lot Bundles for Kindergarten on my Facebook page! Make sure to "like" and add your email address to win! It includes a ton of math, reading and writing common core aligned activities! Just click on the picture above!
My AMAZING Dad came over and repainted our reading room on Monday! It used to be a horrid mustard yellow and now it is a warm latte! I LOVE it and so does my sweet baby girl! She is giving it a thumbs up!
We have decided to plant a garden in our backyard! I do not have a green thumb so this will be an adventure... The kids really wanted to plant one so I thought if nothing else it would be a memory maker!
  I totally revamped my End of Year Craftivity bundle! Students will write about the personal and academic growth they experienced this past year. They will also set summer learning goals and write some fun facts about themselves that they would like next years teacher to know!
We had a GREAT spring break with Daddy home all week! We had a kid date day where we took our kids each out on a date alone! My husband took our son to his first movie and I took our oldest daughter out for lunch and a target shopping trip! It was such a special time that we hope to do more often! Little Gayle here just got some swing time with mama:) That is all she wants at this stage!

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  1. We planted a garden a few weeks ago! We bought two raised garden kits from Lowe's. We planted tomatoes, sweet peppers, and strawberries. My husband and I did all for our four year old. She wants to grow things! She did a good job helping out. Good luck. I hope we both develop a green thumb!