Sunday, December 1, 2013

I just discovered some AMAZING clipart.....

I always like to share when I find great things! I just discovered some AMAZING clipart over at TPT! It prints so clear and bright! I just used some of  it in my new Figurative Language Anchor Charts product if you wanna see how it looks! If you want to create fun products you should check out her store! It is by Cara Taylor and you can check out her store by clicking on her store button below! You will love it!!


  1. Kristen, thanks so much for your help! Your posters look great and I love how you used my clips to pull out those examples. Good luck with your blog and I wish you all the best and success, Cara;0)

  2. THANK you!! I can't wait to use more of your clipart in the future!! You are super talented!!